Believe In Your Selfie! – How To Take A Professional Group Selfie Photo

With our advancements in photo technology, taking a selfie gets easier and easier. However, there is a difference between amateur selfies and professional selfies. Here are tips and tricks to taking an amazing selfie.

Stick It

A selfie stick is a great invention. It allows for you to take pictures to include more background details. It’s also essential to include all your friends in a group photo.


Selfies are usually taken at a fun event like a party or concert. If you’re at an event it’s crucial that you get the event in the background. This captures more attention from viewers and makes it an unique selfie.

Background Noise

If you just want to take a picture for a great evening out you should eliminate distracting elements. Move to a wall or a gorgeous background element to eliminate strangers photobombing your otherwise good selfie.


Try to have a centered arrangement with you at the center surrounded by your friends. If your with a date make sure there is equal space distance on either side of you. This creates balance and symmetry in your selfie.

No matter what your photography style you need the best in photography technology. Custom made light boxes are great for professional photography display. These also make for a gorgeous display at photography exhibits and at photography contest. Light boxes come in several styles including fabric light box, acrylic light box and more.

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