This is Not A Painting – Creative Art Photography

Many people don’t realize that the image above is not painting. In fact it is a creative technique used by artists to depict abstract painting ideas on live models. This body painting technique is widespread and festivals are held annually to exhibit this fine art. There are different styles of body painting techniques. 


One of the creative types of body painting is with an abstract style. These imitate classic abstract artists such as Picasso. Geometric shapes, bright colours and bold brush strokes are features of this style.


Comic book characters are depicted with specific styles. This has made shows like Archer popular to imitate with body paint. Comic style includes, flat blocks of colour and micro dots to make up the style. The colour tones vary from light colours to darker tones. It really depends on the genre of the comic book.


Fantasy is a great style that usually depict mythical and fantastical creatures. These don’t exist in real life and the design is usually left up to the artist. Sparkles and glitter are frequently used to enhance the art piece. Shading is important and there is more freedom for what creative elements the artist can include.

To truly capture you body painting you need the best in photography technology. Custom light boxes come in several styles that are great for photography exhibits and art events. You have many styles to choose from such as acrylic light box, fabric light box and more. Show off your photography skills in the best light possible.

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