Fabric Light Boxes

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LED-backlit lightbox products

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to advertise and promote your business, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a great source for promoting your new product and offer a great way to display professional photography. We offer an unmatched selection of LED-backlit lightbox products for your business.


Fabric lightboxes offer virtually 100% advertisement screen to body ratio. So if you are looking to promote 100% of your product or brand then our frameless fabric lightboxes the perfect way to go. Don’t let bulky unnecessary advertising components hide your advertisement.

Back-lit LED Lightbox

All our fabric lightboxes are back-lit using long lasting LED’s to ensure you will have a lightbox display which does not require any maintenance or light replacement for years to come. Using exclusively LED lighting means you can advertise your brand or business all day and all night. All this with minimal operational expenses for you.


Fabric lightboxes gives you the flexibility for new marketing campaigns with a quick change of fabric. Replacing the display with a new fabric does not require any technical skills and can be done by anybody in just minutes. It’s that easy!


We can fulfill any custom order whether you are looking for small or extremely large display. Fabric lightboxes are not limited by the size unlike other lightbox models. You can have virtually any size of lightbox that can be wall mounted or even free standing.